12 Foods to Avoid on the Maker's Diet

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12 Foods to Avoid on the Maker's Diet image by CoverBrowser.com


The Maker's diet is based upon a 40-day diet which involves healthy eating, combined with an ancient religious view point of the Jewish religion. The Maker's diet is meant to affect not only the body, but the mind and inner spirit as well.

Not Only Food

The Maker's diet does not just focus on eating healthily, but also focuses on exercise and prayer on a regular daily basis for the entire 40 days, as well as a regular supplement intake giving your body the vital nutrients and vitamins that it requires to maintain good health.

No Chemicals

On the healthy eating side of the Maker's diet, all foods that are consumed must not contain any chemicals. Any food products consumed during the 40 days of the Maker's diet must be organic and completely natural.

Dr. Jordan Rubin, NMD, CNC

Dr. Jordan Rubin, NMD, CNC, is the creator of the Maker's diet. He came up with the diet after suffering with crone's disease in his younger years. After spending years in a wheel chair due to his illness and with no western medical success, he took it upon himself to help his body recover and founded the Maker's diet which helped his own body to improve.

Maker's Exercise

As the Maker's diet is part exercise, the body can become fitter through the exercise techniques. This is because exercise is beneficial to the human body in many ways such as improving flexibility, anti-aging, circulation, body fat deduction and improvement of the human bodies functioning systems.


Using ancient Jewish methods, the Maker's diet also combines regular daily prayer to ask God for forgiveness of internal sin and to also ask him for spiritual guidance toward better health. For example, religiously it can be viewed that by over eating the sin of greed has been committed. Through prayer and the Maker's diet, greed is stopped and controlled, therefore deleting the sin and action of greed, providing in theory weight loss to an individual.

12 Foods to Avoid

It is required to avoid pork, fish without scales and fins like shell fish, tinned produce, processed packaged foods, shop-bought cakes and sweets, fast food, foods high in salt, foods high in fat, foods with additives, and foods that have been pasteurized and homogenized. It is advised to research ancient Jewish food laws for a greater insight on the basis of the Maker's diet.


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