Bland High-Protein Foods

Different people with different dietary needs must adjust their food intake accordingly. Attempting to follow a diet or trying to lose weight while simultaneously being constricted by other complications, such as a stomach ulcer or other digestive disorders, may complicate this. Though bland diets are traditionally low in fiber and protein due to food restrictions, read on to determine how to fulfill a high-protein, yet rather bland diet.


The first food group that comes to mind when one mentions the word "protein" is meats. Yet the traditional bland diet, the BRAT diet--bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast--includes neither meat nor a high-protein source, according to It is true that some meats can be spicy or full of saturated fat, which may upset a delicate stomach. However, poultry such as turkey or chicken, and most fish cooked simply without too many spices or too much butter may serve as good, bland choices. Tuna, canned in water and drained, is high in protein and low in fat. Be sure to avoid meats that are stringy, tough or processed. Pulled pork, roast beef, beef jerky and lunch meats fall into these categories. Tofu, a naturally bland soy-based meat substitute that contains a significant amount of protein, is a perfect alternative.


Eggs, cheese and milk are also high in protein, but certain types of these foods can cause problems for those following a bland diet. According to, good choices include low-fat milk, yogurt or custard. There are also bland cheeses from which to choose--Muenster, Longhorn or Colby and cottage cheese. Avoid cheeses like pepper jack or black pepper cheese, which are strongly flavored. Avoid high-fat dairy and chocolate milk, which has a good deal of protein, but is often high in fat and contains sugar.

Breads and Nuts

Breads are mostly carbohydrate-based foods, but are perfect for those on a bland diet. In order to ingest a good amount of protein along with your toast, you'd have to consume whole-wheat or multi-grain bread, which have a great deal more protein and fiber than white bread. Nuts are high in protein, but also high in fat. They are nott recommended for a bland diet. Choose wheat breads and pastas that have a whole-wheat base with little nuts or seeds content.

Fruits and Vegetables

As a general rule, avoid raw fruits and vegetables, such as corn on the cob or citrus fruits, as they can irritate further an already upset stomach, according to Fruits and vegetables have a minor amount of protein as it is. However, a little bit of banana is acceptable and within the paradigms of the BRAT diet, and by spreading a small amount of peanut butter on the banana, you can increase the protein amount easily.

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