What Can I Serve With Stone Crab Claws?


Stone crabs are able to lose a claw and then regenerate it in 12 to 18 months. This allows stone crab fishermen to capture the stone crab, remove one large claw, and then return it to its ocean habitat to recover. Stone crab claws are said to taste much like lobster.

Mustard Sauce

Usually served cold, stone crab claws are traditionally paired with a mustard dipping sauce made of dry mustard, mayonnaise, A-1 sauce, Worcestershire sauce and cream.

Hearts of Palm

Famed TV chef Emeril Lagasse suggests mounding a hearts of palm salad on each plate, ringing it with chilled stone crab claws, and drizzling it all with a syrupy sauce made of tangerine juice and honey.

Hot Marmalade Sauce

Serve cracked curried stone crab claws with a warm sauce made from marmalade, garlic, lime juice and soy sauce. A leafy green salad with a light oil and vinegar dressing and crisp garlic toast rounds out the meal.

Wine Pairing

Tradition dictates that seafood be served with white wine, largely because red wines are high in tannins that give seafood a metallic taste. Chablis is a good pairing for stone crab claws.

Florida Finisher

In keeping with their Florida origins, serve stone crab claws with light, refreshing citrus-flavored side dishes and end the meal with Key Lime pie.


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