Good Foods to Take Camping


Taking the family on a camping trip requires quite a bit of preparation. There are many things that you have to pack and keep up with. The last thing you want on a camping trip is a complicated menu with a lot of different ingredients needed. These are some good foods to take on a camping trip.

Ground Meat

Ground meat is a good camping food. You can use ground beef or turkey to make mini meatloaves, hamburgers or one-pot dishes. A simple meal can be ground meat, chopped potatoes, onions and some salt and pepper for flavor. Ground meat is also inexpensive. It is best to store meats in a separate ice chest or cooler to avoid contamination with other foods. Be sure to keep the ice chest out of direct sunlight in order to prolong the life of the ice inside.


Potatoes are a good camping food because they are versatile and easy to pack. You won't need anything fancy; just throw them in a plastic grocery bag and you're good to go. Cut a potato into chunks and it can be used in one-dish camping meals, foil packet meals or soups and stews. Have potatoes for breakfast by cutting them into cubes and frying them in a pan. All you need to prepare a potato is a knife. You can bring a potato peeler if you want, but if you are trying to save room or pack as little as possible, just use the knife to peel and chop the potato.


Take onions on camping trips to add flavor to foods. Like the potato, an onion can be cut into chunks or slices and added to a number of dishes. Add slices of onion to a foil packet with chicken breasts and a little bit of butter, or chop them and mix them with eggs for breakfast. Onions can be packed in a plastic or paper grocery sack and stored anywhere in camp.


Not only is fruit easy to pack on a camping trip, but it requires very little preparation. Apples, grapes, bananas and oranges are all good for camping. Most fruits do not require refrigeration, so you can leave them in a bowl on the table during the day. Melons can be cut into bite-sized pieces ahead of time and packed into plastic storage containers. Fruit is nutritious and creates little debris. When you are done with your fruit, your peel or core can be tossed on the ground.


S'Mores are classic camping treats. To make s'mores, you will need plain chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers. Kids and adults love roasting the marshmallows for s'mores. Packing the supplies for s'mores is fairly easy; the marshmallows and graham crackers can be packed in a grocery bag. Put the chocolate bars in a cooler or ice chest so they won't melt.

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