Description of Edible Mushrooms


Some wild mushrooms are poisonous to eat. Other wild mushrooms are edible and popular among mushroom enthusiasts and survivalists.


Puffball mushrooms have a round or pear shape and are usually white but sometimes have a grayish hue. The inside of the mushroom is white, yellow or brown depending on the mushroom's age.

Shaggy Mane

Shaggy manes have thin bases and tops that are made up of shaggy, brownish scales. Underneath the top of the mushroom are white gills.

Coral Fungi

Coral fungi is made up of several stems that branch off from each other. Coral fungi have a tan color and can be as tall as eight inches.

Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are found growing on trees. These oysters are white and have tops shaped like oysters. White gills run down the oyster mushroom's short stem.


Chanterelles are shaped like funnels. Gills are found on the undersides of these mushrooms. Chanterelles have an orange or yellow color.


  • Edible Mushrooms
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