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Many diets make the bold promise of removing environmental "toxins" from your body, usually in the remarkably short timeframe of seven to 14 days, after which one is turned loose to resume their old eating habits. For those naive enough to believe these exaggerated claims, the old maxim "a fool and his money are soon parted" applies in full. However, there is a diet that can detoxify your body -- if you are willing to put in the work. For those who want a real solution to a real problem, read on and learn about the Caveman Diet.

The Caveman Diet

The Caveman, or Paleolithic, Diet is an attempt to return to a simpler form of eating. Operating under the theory that toxins contained in grains and processed food are ruining our health, the author of the diet suggests a radical (but effective!) course of action -- eat only those foodstuffs to which our Paleolithic ancestors had access. This makes for a basic, but complete, system of eating. Unlike a traditional diet, the individual can hold to this method for a lifetime and reap the rewards.

Caveman Theory

The author of the diet points out that grains are toxic in their natural state, and were originally unsuitable for human consumption. He opines that even in a cooked state, grains are still largely incompatible with the human digestive system. By avoiding grains, one avoids this entire debacle, and as an added bonus, avoiding ingesting all the pesticides, preservatives, and coloring chemicals that go hand in hand with most processed food.

Caveman Compliance

Complying with the Caveman Diet is simple, if not easy. First, consume no grains, pasta, bread, noodles, beans of any kind, potatoes, dairy, salt, or sugar. Eat only chicken, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and berries. That is the alpha and omega of the diet -- there are no magical potions to drink or pills to take to "detoxify" your system. Just simple dietary rules to follow.


The benefits to the diet are many, including weight loss, increased energy (after the initial week or so of becoming acclimated to the diet), increased sense of well-being, and decreased stress on the systems and organs of the body, as they no longer have to process a large percentage of the toxic substances entering the system.


Although this way of eating seems counter-intuitive and incompatible with many facets of modern living, the benefits far outweigh the costs. The next time you are out in public at a crowded location, look around. The people around you are the product of our "modern" diet, and the majority of them look overweight, stressed, and unhappy. Look at your friends and family members that have tried those oft-advertised "Rapid Detox Diets." In four to six months they will be right back where they started. The only way to obtain real results is to commit yourself to a long-term program of healthy living, and the Caveman Diet delivers this for the low, low price of $0.

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