Green Drink Ideas


Green drinks are a fast and delicious way to get all the healthy nutrients found in fruits and vegetables without having to sit down and eat them with a fork. Green drinks are easy to mix up in a blender, and they're conveniently portable for on-the-go meals. There's no one right way to make a green drink, so use any combination of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients to suit your tastes.


Fruit will make the green drink sweeter and more palatable, so you may want to use more fruit than vegetables at first while you become accustomed to the flavor of green drinks. Most recipes call for apples. Core the apples, but leave the nutrition-packed skin on the apple---it will get pulverized when you blend the green drink. Bananas are a popular green drink ingredient and will add a delicious creaminess to the mix. Lemon juice and lime juice are found in many green drink recipes. You can add dried fruits such as dates and prunes to your green drink as well for extra fiber and sweetness.


Vegetables should form the bulk of your green drink. Use fresh, organic vegetables in season for maximum nutrition. Wash the vegetables but do not peel them. Most recipes call for cucumbers, celery and some type of leafy greens. Choose kale, spinach, collard greens, parsley, chard or fennel. Broccoli, alfalfa, clover, sunflower and other sprouts will make great additions to your green drink and are available in the produce sections of most health food stores. Fresh avocado and carrot juice are popular ingredients to consider as well.

Other Ingredients

You can add other ingredients to your green drink to boost its nutrition and vary its taste. Ginger root adds a little bite to the flavor and aids digestion, but only add a small chunk or it will overpower the other flavors in the drink. Ground flaxseeds are a popular addition to any healthy food, and they will easily blend into your green drink. Other additions can include wheat or barley grass, chlorophyll powder and protein powder. Ice cubes are usually added to the green drink to improve its texture and make it pleasingly cold.

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