List of Snacks for Kids

Instilling kids with healthy eating habits by providing nutritious snack options helps them make better choices when they become adults. It also teaches them that eating healthy doesn't necessarily have to involve boring snacks or tasteless food.

Fruit Based Snacks

When it comes to fruit-based snacks, it's important to choose foods that don't have added sugar, as fruit is already packed with natural sugars. Unsweetened apple sauce is a good choice, as are fruit cups in fruit juice, without added syrup. Dried fruit such as dried apricots, blueberries, apples or raisins are another good choice.

Low Carbohydrate Snacks

Even though low carbohydrate meal plans are popular with dieters, they're also a good snack option for kids because kids usually eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates such as breads, pasta and cereals at other meals. String cheese is a smart choice, and kids often enjoy pulling off pieces and consuming it. Rolled up cold cuts such as turkey, smoked chicken or ham are popular choices as well. Just make sure that the cold cuts you use don't have a lot of added sodium. Fresh, raw vegetables and dip make a suitable snack to eat with the cheese or cold cuts.


Smoothies are popular with kids and a healthy snack option if you use the best quality ingredients. Veer away from chocolate or ice-cream based smoothies. Instead make smoothies using a handful of ice, a cup of plain yogurt and fresh fruit combined in a blender. The natural sugar in the fruit should provide just enough sugar to sweeten the smoothie. If it's not sweet enough for kids, add a tbsp. of honey. If you don't have time to buy fresh fruit everyday, stock your freezer with frozen fruit.

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