Soy Meat Alternative Foods


Soy meat alternative foods are foods made from soy proteins made to taste and, to a certain extent, look like meat for people who don't want to consume meat. There are hundreds of soy meat alternatives that taste like all types of meat, such as pork, chicken, beef and even tuna.

Buying and Storing

Soy meat alternatives are sold frozen, canned or dried. The frozen and canned varieties usually just need to be heated, while the dried ones need water and cooking. Some soy meat alternatives are sold in regular grocery stores, often in the frozen food section with other specialty items or in the meat section. Soy burger patties, for example, are sold near regular burger patties. Store frozen soy meat alternatives in the freezer, and keep dried and canned varieties in the pantry.


Cook soy meat alternatives like real meat. Grill tofu burgers and hot dogs just like regular burgers and hot dogs; They will cook at about the same speed. Try soy cold cuts in sandwiches, and soy sausage and bacon as part of a high-calorie breakfast. Include soy meat alternatives in stir-fry dishes, soups and stews.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of soy meat alternatives varies greatly, as there are now so many on the market. Usually they are lower in fat then the meat they replace. Most meat alternatives made from soybeans are excellent sources of protein, iron and B vitamins.

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