How to Buy Wheat Berries in Bulk


Medical experts from organizations such as the Mayo Clinic advise including whole grains in any diet. One of the best ways to incorporate whole grains, whether or not you want to lose weight, is to add wheat berries to your food plan. These are whole-wheat kernels without the husks and can be served alone as a side dish, used to complement your favorite recipes, or ground into whole-wheat flour. No matter how you use wheat berries, there may come a time when you want to order these healthy delights in bulk. This is usually, easiest to do online.

Step 1

Visit the websites of bulk wheat berry merchants such as Honeyville Food Products, Natural Grocers and Bulk Whole Foods.

Step 2

Type "wheat berry" or "wheat berries" into the search engine at each site.

Step 3

Review the information carefully. Most bulk wheat berries are available in 25- to 50-pound orders. Be sure you understand shipping costs--a high shipping rate could ruin a potentially good financial deal.

Step 4

Decide which merchant of bulk wheat berries best appeals to your financial needs.

Step 5

Order the amount of wheat berries you want, following the bulk merchant's instructions carefully. Provide all required information, including your full name, address and credit or debit card information. If you do not have a credit or debit card, call the selected company's customer service number as noted on its website. Ask if you can use a check or money order to conduct a mail order transaction for bulk wheat berries.

Step 6

Wait to receive your order. You will likely get a delivery tracking number in your confirmation e-mail. Any delivery problems should be directed to the business from which you ordered. Once your bulk wheat berries arrive, enjoy! There are many diverse ways to use these whole grains. You might want to add them to salad or soup, or boil them in salty water and serve them alone as a side dish.


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