Calli Tea Instructions


Calli tea is a tea and herb-based drink currently popular in alternative health culture as part of a number of cleansing programs. Brewing procedures, however, are similar to those of most herb and standard teas sold in bags.


Calli tea sites are widely divergent on proportions of water to tea. Ranging from four cups of water to one tea bag to as little as one cup of water to one tea bag, the best advice would be to start with the moderate two cups recommended on one site associated with Sunrider (the major producer of Calli tea) and proceed to experiment to find the best strength brew for your taste and response.

Hot Water

All sites recommend brewing Calli tea at just under boiling temperature. This is the most common recommendation for the majority of teas and herbal brews--high heat damages some of the more fragile plant compounds while oversteeping others. In this case it is argued that enzymes associated with the tea will be destroyed by boiling temperatures. In either case one of the best ways of assuring water of the right temperature is to bring it just to a boil and remove from heat just until the boil subsides before adding a Calli tea bag.

Steep Time

Recommended steep time is 5 to 10 minutes, depending on personal tastes. Once steeped Calli can be used hot or iced.

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