Facts About Spirulina

Facts About Spirulina image by Bienenschwarmmm
Facts About Spirulina image by Bienenschwarmmm


Spirulina is a blue-green algae that contains 70 percent protein, vitamins and minerals. Used as a healthy food source, spirulina is said to have several health benefits for the human body and is available in tablet form, powder and its natural form.


Spirulina can be found in several places. This particular algae thrives within warm clear alkaline waters and can be found in Central Africa and South America.

Health Benefits

Spirulina aids the human body by boosting the immune system, providing anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants and vitamin A. It also helps to promote cellular health within the body, making cells strong and healthy.


The powder form of spirulina is usually green in color and has a distinctive seaweed odor. Easy to take, just add the correct dosage to your morning fruit juice. By taking spirulina supplement pills, follow the guidelines or use the raw form as a secret ingredient within your stir fry.

United Nations

The United Nations in Geneva supports the fact spirulina is an extremely healthy food for the undernourished people and provides 1 tsp. a day for many of these people that eradicates anemia and other health and starvation issues.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Spirulina provides a reduction on long-term health problems if taken regularly. There is no other food that has a higher volume of beta carotene and has concentrated levels of beta carotene, 10 times more than carrots. One tsp. or a supplement tablet of spirulina a day is the equivalent of eating two fruits and more.


Spirulina can also be used as an energy booster and aid with a healthy detox. During a short-term food ban detox, spirulina will provide your body with amino acids, fatty acids and iron.


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