How to Eat Honey in the Comb


Bees manufacture honey in the hive by storing it in wax cells known as honeycomb. Beekeepers extract most honey from the wax combs so that the bees can reuse them. However, they remove some of the honeycomb and cut it into chunks that you can buy in jars or plastic containers. The honey still in the comb is the most natural form of the honey, and some people consider eating honey in the comb a gourmet treat. There are a few different ways to eat it in the comb, such as on toast or as part of an appetizer tray.

Chew It

Step 1

Bite off a piece of the honeycomb.

Step 2

Chew it like gum, sucking out the honey as you chew.

Step 3

Spit out the wax comb or swallow it. It is not harmful to consume it.

Spread it like a condiment

Step 1

Spread the comb, wax and all, on a buttered cracker, hot toast or English muffin.

Step 2

Let it sit for a few seconds so the wax melts a little and the honey settles into the bread.

Step 3

Eat it with your fingers.

Have it for an appetizer or dessert

Step 1

Cut a piece of comb.

Step 2

Place on top of a slice of cheese, such as sharp cheddar, or on top of a piece of fresh fruit.

Step 3

Eat it as an appetizer or dessert.

Tips and Warnings

  • Honey is usually harvested from beehives in the fall in the United States. However, in many instances, too much of the honey is taken from the hive to sell, leaving an insufficient amount of honey for the bees to eat. Instead, beekeepers feed high-fructose corn syrup or sugar to the bees, which may weaken the bees. Try to find a beekeeper who harvests honey in the early spring to make sure the bees are eating honey instead of artificial food.

Things You'll Need

  • comb honey
  • toast, cracker or English muffin
  • table knife
  • butter
  • fresh fruit
  • cheese


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