Easy Recipes for a Healthy Lunch

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Eating a healthy lunch is not easy if you don't plan for it. Many people go off to work with plans to grab something on their lunch break. This can lead to impulse buying and picking up some type of fast food that does the body more harm than good. You can use these easy, healthy recipes to make sure you eat a nutritious lunch.

Tuna Salad

Take out a plastic container to pack your healthy tuna salad in. Wash and break your lettuce into bite-size pieces. Place the lettuce in the bottom of the container. Next, drain a 4 oz. can of tuna and break it up over the lettuce. Add three cherry tomatoes. Cut up one celery stalk and a quarter of a small onion. Toss over the salad. Finish the salad off with 2 ounces of low-fat, shredded mozzarella cheese. Keep your salad refrigerated. If you like dressing with your salad, stock up on individual serving packets of fat-free Italian dressing. These are convenient to take with you, and you can find them at the grocery store.

Easy Turkey BLT

Make a healthy BLT sandwich by making some substitutions. Purchase some cooked turkey bacon and Weight Watchers whole wheat bread. Add some low-fat mayonnaise to one slice of bread and place thinly sliced tomatoes on top. Add a few pieces of lettuce and top with the turkey bacon. If you like a lot of mayo, spread some more on the second piece of bread. For a different take on the BLT, toast your bread. Also, Weight Watchers has a variety of breads, including a multigrain.

Healthy Egg Sandwich

Boil two eggs the night before you have to prepare your lunch. This will make it easy to construct your sandwich in the morning. In a bowl, combine 1 tbsp. of reduced-fat cream cheese and 1 tbsp. of mustard. Sprinkle in a dash of pepper and salt. Spread the mixture over a piece of whole grain bread. Chop up a dill pickle and spread it over the mixture. Slice the boiled eggs and add them to the sandwich. Top with a few tomato slices and your final piece of bread.

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