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Weight loss doesn't have to be boring. You can play games that also help you to lose weight at your local arcade or in the comfort of your own home. Even if you hate the normal gym workout routine, you can stay active while also having a good time. With a calorie counter, you can determine how many calories you would like to burn per day. Twenty minutes per day, three times a week of elevated heart rate activity will help you to lose weight and become healthier, no matter what activity you're doing.

Wii Fit

Wii Fit is a set of games that are played on the Nintendo Wii video game system. Wii Fit calculates your body mass index (or BMI) and suggests exercises for you to try, including hula hooping, aerobics, yoga and balance. The Wii Fit includes a balance board, which allows the video game to become interactive as it moves with you. Although the system will help you to lose weight, there is no personal trainer to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Keep moving and do the exercises to the best of your ability in order to get the best results.

Jumpin' Jackpot

Jumpin' Jackpot is an arcade game that simulates jumping rope. The game is available to play at many bowling alleys, local arcades and theme restaurants like Dave & Buster's. The game features a string of lights that simulates a jump rope that the player must jump over. The game starts slowly and gets progressively faster. Playing Jumpin' Jackpot for 20 minutes is the equivalent of jumping rope for 20 minutes, which burns approximately 272 calories, according to the Pro Health Calorie Counter (see Resources).

Hoop Fever Arcade Game

Hoop Fever is a basketball arcade game that simulates shooting basketball. The hoop goes forward and backward to test your skill and give your arms a workout. Hoop Fever allows you to play against other competitors or alone. Although playing regular basketball includes more leg exercise, playing Hoop Fever for 20 minutes is the equivalent of shooting baskets on the basketball court for 20 minutes, which burns approximately 102 calories, according to the Pro Health Calorie Counter (see Resources).

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