Where to Buy Dual Action Cleanse


Dual-Action Cleanse is an all-natural supplement designed to clear out the backed-up waste in your intestines and colon. You won't normally find these supplements at a local pharmacy or supermarket. You can count on finding Dual-Action Cleanse for sale in only a few places.

Go to the Source

The most reliable way to buy Dual-Action Cleanse is to go to the manufacturer's website at DualActionCleanse.com. If you sign up to have the product auto-shipped to you every 60 days, it will cost $59.90 ($20 off of the regular retail price), and the shipping is free.

Visit Wal-Mart

Not too many brick-and-mortar stores carry this product, but Wal-Mart does. The benefits of buying Dual-Action Cleanse here are that you don't have to wait for it to be shipped and you can return it easily if there is a problem.

Go to a GNC Store

GNC nutrition stores also should have Dual-Action Cleanse in stock. When you buy this product at a physical GNC store, you get it at a deep discount and can quickly return it if you are unhappy with it.

Order Online at Amazon

Dual-Action Cleanse is available from Amazon.com at a deep discount. You will have to pay for shipping when you order the product this way.

Order From the Dr. Leonards Catalog

Dr. Leonards is a health care retail catalog company known for carrying hard-to-find health-related products. Order Dual-Action Cleanse through this company online or via the printed catalog, which can be mailed to you. Dr. Leonards offers a modest discount on the product, and you will have to pay shipping costs.

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