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NutriSystem offers several plans for men and women of different ages. The food is varied and nutritionally balanced for good health. It is prepared and packaged and delivered to your home so you do not have to prepare it. Despite the good quality of the plan, it still has to be supplemented by grocery shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.


NutriSystem has gone from a small privately-owned company to a publicly-traded corporation. In 2001 it signed an important contract with QVC and the Home Shopping Network. It marketed its product through these networks, offering 24-hour customer assistance to clients. A member chooses a weight loss food plan and then food is delivered directly to their home. The food focuses on proper nutrition and vitamin and diet supplements to maintain good health. The plan requires healthy eating and exercises changing old patterns to lose and maintain the weight loss. The foods are high in fiber, low in salt sugar and fat. The company started in 1970 selling a liquid diet drink like a shake that was eventually replaced by pre-packaged meals.


NutriSystem food offers a variety of pre-packaged meal options for customers. The food provides breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack for each day of the week. Some customers have found there to be too much food to eat on a daily basis. The plan offers foods for those on vegetarian and diabetic diets. The plans are reviewed by nutrition experts who make sure the plans are healthy and meet nutritional requirements. The food is simple to prepare and good for you.


There are more than 120 prepared meals, desserts and snacks that can be delivered to your home. The company uses the Glycemic Index to prepare food and measure the amount of sugar and its affect on the blood sugar in your body. NutriSystem food features good carbohydrates, fiber and protein. Its meals reduce snacking between meals. There are seven special diet programs called The Women's Program, Men's Program, Women's Sliver Program, Men's Silver Program, Diabetic Program and Vegetarian Program.


NutriSystem offers a variety of different program and foods for customers. Breakfast foods include muffins, granola bars, bran cereal, shredded wheat, scrambled eggs, pancake mix and oatmeal. Lunch entrees are varied to include black beans and rice, assorted soups, pasta salads, tuna salad, turkey hot dogs, yogurts, oriental selections and desserts. Dinners include assorted chicken and beef dishes, ravioli, tacos, chili, pasta dishes, oriental entrees and vegetarian meals. Snacks provided are varied and include soy chips, hot cocoa, dessert bars, nuts, soy pretzels, shakes and other prepared products. All programs provide a 28-day meal planner, online dairies and trackers to help keep track of the diet. Diets are designed for different ages by nutritionists.


The Nutrisystem plan is a good nutritional plan, but you will still have to go grocery shopping to supplement the program. Look for fresh fruits and vegetable in season, whole grain bread, brown rice, nuts and dried fruit to go with the NutriSystem entrees. A salad with a dinner selection is a good balance with fruit for dessert. A piece of whole grain bread with the scrambled eggs for breakfast is good way to supplement the NutriSystem diet. If you suffer from any illness check with your doctor before you decide to go on any diet to make sure that it is the right choice for you. If you know anyone that has tried the diet find out what they thought about it before jumping in. If you have an allergy to nuts you will not be able to eat this food as many entrees contain nut products.

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