How to Cook Healthy Meals

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Eating healthy is key to good health, and may also help you lose weight. It is important to eat a balanced diet. Always make sure you have a variety of colors on your plate. Meals should include foods from each food group, in proper proportion.

Step 1

Shop at a store that caters to healthy eating. Stock up on preservative-free, organic food.

Step 2

Keep enough food on hand to make at least three healthy meals. Once a week, find healthy recipes in cookbooks or online. Buy ingredients for your three meals at the market.

Step 3

Simplify your cooking. Broil, bake or boil meats and vegetables, rather than frying.

Step 4

Take shortcuts in cooking. Use a rice cooker or crock pot to cook an entire meal at once. Keep fruits and veggies that are washed and cut in your freezer.

Step 5

Use additives sparingly. Find a low-sodium rub or healthy marinade for meat. Flavor vegetables with olive oil, a squirt of lemon and fresh pepper, rather than salt and butter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Limit your intake of pre-packaged, preservative-laden prepared meals.

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