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Popcorn has long been considered junk food, but actually it's a high-fiber treat that contains a good helping of vitamin B. Of course, drenching it in butter and salt can decrease the nutritional value of popcorn, so here are a few healthy ways to spice up your bowl of popcorn.

Popcorn with a Kick

You add spices to potatoes, chicken, fish, and meat loaf, so why not add some spice to your popcorn? Search your pantry for chili powder, sea salt, olive oil, cayenne pepper and paprika. Add all of these ingredients to a bowl of unsalted popcorn. If the level of spiciness is not to your liking, add a little more cayenne pepper and then take a bite. Be careful not to douse the whole bowl in cayenne because that can make it too spicy.

Sweet Popcorn

Melt a few tbsp. of butter and then add some cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Toss the popcorn in this sugary mix for a sweet post-dinner snack. This is the healthier alternative to candy and cookies. Also, if you like kettle corn, which is both sweet and salty, you can add a few pinches of sea salt to the mixture.

Fruity Popcorn

Add some dried apples and brown sugar to melted butter. Toss with the prepared popcorn and impress all of your friends. Feel free to throw in some cinnamon, too, and even some toasted almonds. Both cinnamon and almonds greatly increase the health benefits of the popcorn.

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