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Weight loss doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to count and write things down all day. A simple healthy weight plan depends on just eating a number of servings of healthy foods every day, getting a good variety, and keeping control of portion sizes. Following these guidelines can result in a healthy one-pound loss per week, or more.


Eat a combination of protein, healthy carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables for breakfast. Keep your meal to about 1/4 of your total calories for the day. Good breakfast examples would be scrambled egg substitute, English muffin, jam and strawberries, or bran cereal, fat-free milk, blueberries and coffee.


Eat about 1/4 of your calories at lunch, eating a large portion of vegetables to help you fill up and keep you full through the afternoon. A large salad with a lot of different vegetables plus chopped lean turkey and low-fat cheese is a good example. Try sandwiches of multi-grain bread with lean meat and lots of vegetables. Add some sliced vegetables with a low-fat dip, or fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt.


Treat dinner like any other meal, instead of making it a large portion of your daily calories. Have four oz. of broiled tilapia with lemon, brown rice and steamed broccoli. Try whole-grain pasta with chopped peppers and marinara sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Bake chicken breasts coated with panko bread crumbs for extra crunch, and serve with baked sweet potatoes and steamed green beans.


Don't avoid snacks when you're trying to lose weight, just choose wisely. Have at least two snacks per day, keeping within your calorie counts. Enjoy chopped vegetables and low-fat ranch dip, or sliced apples and fat-free caramel. Try air-popped popcorn sprinkled with seasoned salt. Baked apples are a warm treat, topped with cinnamon and fat-free whipped topping that tastes decadent but is actually healthily low-calorie.

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