How to Cut a Hole in a Honeydew Melon


Melons are one of the most beneficial fruits you can eat. Full of vitamins and minerals and fairly low in calories, melons are an excellent addition to any diet. Honeydew is by far one of the most popular melons due to its sweet taste and high nutritional value. Preparing your honeydew for consumption is a simple process, and cutting it into easy to manage pieces provides quick and delicious nutrition for the entire family.

How to Cut a Hole in a Honeydew Melon

Step 1

Wash your honeydew thoroughly with fruit wash and plenty of warm water. Fruit washes are food-safe soaps that are designed to remove any contaminants and waxes from the surface of your food. If you do not have any fruit wash, apply a small amount of dish soap to your melon, making sure to rinse well to prevent ingesting any soap remnants.

Step 2

Lay your honeydew on your cutting board, rolling it gently to find the flattest spot on the melon. You must keep your melon from moving while you cut it, so locating the flat spot will help keep your melon from shifting.

Step 3

Hold your knife firmly in one hand and hold the melon against the cutting board with the other, pressing the tip of the knife into the side of the melon. A sharp knife is necessary to pierce the skin and cut the melon without bruising it, so if your knife does not slide in easily, pull it out and sharpen the blade.

Step 4

Move your knife in a circular motion, pressing the blade completely through the skin and flesh to create a hole. You can cut the hole as large or as small as necessary to suit your needs. Use firm, steady pressure as you cut to avoid having to stop and restart your hole.

Step 5

Pull your knife out slowly, pressing up on the blade to help work your cut out loose from the body of your melon. If it does not come out when you remove your knife, insert the tip of your knife into the center of the cut-out section and pull back, removing the loose piece.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never allow children to use sharp knives unattended. Knives can slip from their small hands and cause serious injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit wash
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife


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