Picnic Theme Ideas

Picnics are a fun way to celebrate a family reunion, corporate event, or a children's birthday, but choosing a theme may seem daunting. A successful picnic theme has the ability to connect food, music, games, and décor into a unified experience. Here are few classic choices as well as some unsuspecting ones that will do the trick.


Adorn the guests with beautiful leis as they bask in the sun at your picnic while savoring a roast pig. Set up an inflatable water slide, mechanical surfboard, and volleyball pit. Add traditional Hawaiian music and a hula lesson or competition to keep the picnic goers entertained.Menu choices to compliment the roast pig are chicken, long rice, Hawaiian sweet potatoes, and taro rolls.


Fire up a smoker for barbecue ribs and chicken, hire a band with a banjo and a fiddle, and invite guests to arrive in their cowboy boots for a western-themed picnic. Entertainment may include line and square dancing, a mechanical bull, mock calf roping and even a greased pig event, that is, if do not mind getting a little muddy. Be sure to serve up some baked beans, cole slaw, and pie and cobbler for dessert.


Traditional games such as a dart toss, milk jug game, and a dunk tank will turn an ordinary picnic into one with a carnival theme. Serve up county fair specialities such as sausages grilled with peppers and onions, candy apples, cotton candy, grilled corn, and funnel cakes for the guest to munch. Add to the theme with a clown or two, a face painter, or even a simple carnival act such as a stilt walker.

Around the World

Explore the food, music, and activities of many cultures during the course of a picnic with an international theme. Set up multiple stations at your picnic where guests can sample food and drinks from countries throughout the world. Introduce the picnic goers to popular games from the chosen countries as well. Music may be alternated between the areas or hire individual artists to provide entertainment from the different areas of the world throughout the picnic.


Take your guest on a trip down the rabbit hole with an Alice In Wonderland picnic, featuring over-sized and miniature versions of your favorite picnic foods. Don't forget the croquet set, of course, along with a potato sack race at which guests will play the role of the White Rabbit who is very late as they try to reach the goal as fast as possible. If you have the means to create one, add a maze, or prepare a three-legged race in which the the guest are dressed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

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