How to Substitute Carob Chips for Chocolate Chips in Recipes


Carob chips, made from the carob plant, have a similar texture and appearance to chocolate chips, as well as a similar mouth feel. Carob chips come in sweetened and unsweetened varieties and can be used in place of chocolate chips in recipes. Although they look quite similar, the taste is different, with carob chips usually containing less sweetness than chocolate and having a more nutty taste. Carob chips are good for people with a chocolate allergy. They also work for those looking to avoid caffeine, since carob chips contain none.

Step 1

Substitute carob chips for chocolate chips cup for cup in most recipes.

Step 2

In desserts where chocolate chips are the primary sweetening agent, substitute the chocolate chips cup for cup with sweetened carob chips and add a secondary sweetening agent, such as sugar, honey or artificial sweetener to the recipe.

Step 3

In recipes that feature chocolate chips prominently, such as chocolate chip cookies, spray the carob chips with cooking spray and roll them in a sweetening agent, such as sugar or artificial sweetener.

Things You'll Need

  • Carob chips
  • Sweetening agent


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