How to Eat Garlic Chives & Bulbs


Garlic bulbs can be chopped, pressed, minced, grated, peeled, sliced or browned and added to recipes in preparation to eat. Some cultures such as the Chinese even used garlic chives in ancient medicine to treat conditions such as intestinal parasites and anemia. Today, garlic is used as a valuable culinary ingredient that has a plethora of purposes.

Step 1

Garnish meals using chives. The flowers or leaves from the garlic plant can be used as a garnish similar to parsley. Chive leaves can also be chopped and sprinkled on top of salads, stir fries, and other meals to add a bold garlic flavor that doesn't overtake the dish.

Step 2

Stuff thick meats with garlic bulbs. Slice thick cuts of beef, pork or even chicken horizontally down the width of the cut to provide a small pocket inside the meat. Stuffing peeled garlic bulbs or chives into the pockets will help to infuse meat with a deep garlic taste. Adding a bit of oil to the recipe will help give your garlic a nutty flavor when it is being cooked with meat.

Step 3

Season food using these garlic ingredients. Either garlic or chives can be used in recipes such as garlic salsa or sour cream and chive covered potatoes. You can also crush or finely mince garlic bulbs or chives and place it inside olive or vegetable oil. Letting this mixture sit for 24 hours before using will provide a garlic infused oil.

Step 4

Use in soup and casseroles. Japanese miso soup uses chives in its preparation as an integral ingredient. Be sure to add chive leaves within the last 5 to 10 minutes of cooking as this helps to prevent flavor degradation that occurs with higher heats.

Step 5

Add to your favorite homemade bread mixture. Breadcrumbs used in meatloaf recipes can be seasoned with garlic or with garlic chives depending on the strength of flavor you want. Adding garlic to your favorite bread mixture to be baked will give it a pronounced flavor. Garlic bulbs will be stronger and more pronounced in flavor than the chives.

Tips and Warnings

  • Garlic can cause undesirable breath odor when eaten. Using mouthwash and brushing your teeth and tongue after meals can help prevent most of this odor from being detected by others.


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