How to Carve Fruit Into Bowls

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Gone are the days when fruit is just food to be eaten. You can also carve fruit into interesting decorations and centerpieces for a dinner party or maybe into bowls to hold hold dips, drinks or even other smaller fruit. While bowls carved out of fruit may look hard to make, they are actually quite simple. Plus, once you master carving fruit bowls, you can try your hand at baskets, baby carriages or anything else that pops up from your imagination.

Step 1

Choose a watermelon that is somewhat round instead of long. Get whatever size watermelon you want, but keep in mind that the bigger the watermelon, the more carving will have to be done. It won't matter if the watermelon is seedless or not.

Step 2

Wash the outside of the watermelon with wet washcloth and then dry it off with a towel or paper towels. Next, decide how big you want the bowl to be and then make a line around the watermelon with the marker.

Step 3

Cut a thin slice of the rind off the bottom of the watermelon without cutting into the flesh inside. This will make your watermelon bowl level enough to sit upright and not fall over. You can use a sharp knife or a carving knifes normally used for carving pumpkins.

Step 4

Stick the knife tip anywhere on the marker line and cut around the watermelon, making sure to follow the line. Carefully pull the two halves of the watermelon apart.

Step 5

Scoop the inside of the watermelon out with a spoon or a melon ball. You can also cut the fruit out with a knife. Next, carefully scrape the inside of the watermelon with a spoon to get the walls as smooth and uniform as possible.

Step 6

Carve a decorative edge to the rim of your fruit bowl by cutting large or small V shapes with a sharp knife. If you prefer, you can just leave the bowl rim smooth and flat. Next, pour out any juice that may have collected in the bottom of the bowl. Dry the outside of the fruit bowl with paper towels.

Step 7

Start filling the bowl with fruits of your choice. You can also add the watermelon that you scooped out earlier. Carve as many fruit bowls as you want this way.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife
  • Watermelon
  • Marker
  • Melon scoop
  • Paper towels
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