Low-fat on the Go Lunch Recipes


Observe some healthy eating strategies so you won't ruin your diet over lunch. Stay away from fast-food lunches as these are most likely foods that are loaded with calories. Try to avoid falling for the convenience, affordability and enticing flavor. Instead, prepare your own inexpensive, handy and flavorful lunch meals that are low in calories and healthier than what you can buy in most fast-food chains.

Think P-V-C

Remember that you daily lunch meal should have a combination of protein (P), vegetable (V), and carbohydrate (C). Protein can be found on hard-boiled eggs, ham and cheese. You shouldn't have any problems in choosing your vegetable serving as there are plenty of vegetables available. Whole grain bread, tortilla, brown rice and lunch bars are your options for the carbohydrate part. Remember to select low-fat and low-sodium food choices and consider proportion and serving sizes.


Salad recipes are the healthiest and easiest to prepare as the ingredients are readily available and you'll surely see them in your fridge. Vegetable salads can be cooked and prepared in a variety of methods. For a quick and low-fat lunch recipe, mix your greens with some beef slices for protein and iron nutrients. A chicken and sweet potato recipe is a healthy meal that is simple and quick to prepare. Potato salad can be prepared in many ways so just prepare one that fits your current craving. You can add some chickpeas, tomatoes or mushrooms in your recipes, too.

Wraps and rolls

There are several quick and easy wrap and roll recipes available. These are two food preparation methods that are truly time-saving and cost-efficient. Apply your healthy food choices and you can have your hearty lunch in a snap. Wrap some cherry tomato couscous on leftover pita bread and you're good to go. Replace white bread with wraps to swathe on Cajun chicken for a healthier lunch. Mix some thin slices of prosciutto with baby spinach and cottage cheese for a tasty but still healthy roll. And of course, salad rolls are good low-fat, on-the-go lunch options. Most low-fat, on-the-go lunch recipes require just a few ingredients, basic cooking knowledge, and minimal preparation time. A number of easy-to-do recipes are available and you're sure to find one that satisfies your taste buds.

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