Alkaline Cooking


Alkaline cooking is the process in which meals are prepared with a focus on using ingredients that have an alkaline affect on the body. This method is used to keep the body at a high alkaline balance, which is thought to have a beneficial affect on the overall health of the body.

Alkaline Theory

Alkaline theory is the idea that since the human body is ideally four parts alkaline based to one part acid based that a diet rich in alkaline foods will help restore the natural balance of the body and boost the overall health of the body. Acidic foods are believed to cause health problems because the body focuses more on getting rid of the extra acid, which leaves it vulnerable to other bacteria and viruses. Alkaline cooking is designed to aid in the restoration of the body's alkaline balance and uses as many alkaline based foods as possible. Alkaline cooking recipes use little meat and rely on nuts, grains and vegetables for protein.

Alkaline Foods

Any food that has a pH balance of seven or higher is considered an alkaline food. There are many kinds of foods that fall into this category in every food group. It is essential to use as many of these foods as possible in alkaline cooking. Alkaline grains include foods such as millet, lentils and wheat grass. Alkaline proteins include tofu, chestnuts, almonds, and whey. Alkaline vegetables include pumpkins, dandelion root, mushrooms, eggplant, beets, celery, cucumber, kale, onions, peas and many others. Fruits are apples, bananas, berries, figs, grapes, citrus fruits, peaches and watermelon. Citrus fruits surprisingly enough add a high level of alkaline balance to the body. There are also spices that are considered alkaline spices and include cinnamon, chili powder, sea salt, mustard, miso, curry and ginger.


Alkaline cooking uses everyday cooking utensils and pots and pans. Alkaline meals focus more on the alkaline presence in the food rather than on complicated cooking processes. In reality, alkaline foods are some of the easiest to prepare. Ancient diets were rich in alkaline foods and why many modern alkaline diets are modeled after the ancient Mediterranean diets. Boiled foods are commonly used in alkaline cooking. Alkaline cooking dishes should be used as well such as stainless steel and iron pans. The use of Teflon pans should be avoided. Utensils should be metal or wooden whenever possible.

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