How to Find Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

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Cooking in a crock pot saves time and allows you to get a hot meal on the table the moment you arrive home from work. Unfortunately, many available recipes are filled with processed cheeses, high-sodium soups and high-fat meats. However, don't dismiss your crock pot just yet. It is possible to put together healthy crock pot meals, and there are plenty of recipes out there. This is how you can find them.

Step 1

Search the food blogs available on the Internet. Go to a search engine such as Enter a combination of the words "healthy crock pot recipes" and you will get a long list of healthy recipes from various blogs.

Step 2

Look through the paperwork that came in your crock pot box. Many manufacturers provide a booklet of recipes with healthy options included.

Step 3

Visit your local library. Use the computer search catalog to look up crock pot cookbooks. Look through the food section to find cookbooks of healthy crock pot recipes that you can borrow for free.

Step 4

Go to a nearby bookstore. Check out the cooking, cuisine or gastronomy section. Look for titles that indicate the book offers healthy crock pot recipes.

Step 5

Have a crock pot party with friends and neighbors. Invite them over for a dinner and ask each of them to bring along their healthiest crock pot dish with the recipe. Swap recipes and enjoy dinner together.

Tips and Warnings

  • Pay close attention to the ingredient lists of recipes and judge how healthy they are based on your needs. Some recipes may be healthy overall, but if your dietary requirements are specific, such as low sodium or low cholesterol, you'll want to pay special attention to all ingredients included.

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