Fruits Allowed on a Candida Diet


When afflicted by candida (yeast infection), a proper diet is important to maintain a healthy life style. Certain foods trigger outbreaks and a person must be very vigilant in order to prevent outbreaks. A diet for candida reduction can be strict and hard to maintain. If you keep a list of your food options available it will be easy to refer to when you need it.

Fruits Allowed on a Candida Diet

Fruit is high in sugar, and by limiting it you will control your outbreaks in a more efficient manner. When choosing your daily fruit, take into account its sugar content and choose low-GI (low-glycemic index) fruits such as apples or citrus. Allowed fruits include green apples, citrus, berries and avocado. You are only allowed one fruit serving per day on a candida diet. A serving is about 1 cup of fruit. The fruit cannot be any type of melon or grapes because these fruits contain a lot of sugar and may trigger an outbreak. Consider eating berries for your daily fruit intake; they are allowed and are high in antioxidants. Raspberries are an excellent fruit and can be eaten without any sweetener. Avoid strawberries, however, which are higher in sugar than raspberries or blackberries. Blueberries are a good choice at breakfast. Avocado is allowed on the diet and is also a source of good (healthy) fat. You need fat to keep your brain function normal. Avocados can be mixed with other food such as beef and tomatoes. Squeezing fresh lime or lemon juice in your water or on your food is a great way to get in some vitamin C. You cannot substitute a glass of juice for your daily fruit. Juice contains too much sugar and can be detrimental to a person with candida. Also stay away from dried fruit because manufacturers add extra sugar when they dry the fruit. Canned fruit contains extra sugar as a preservative, so stay away from this type of fruit. If you chop up your citrus and apples, you can create a delicious fruit salad that will replace anything you might want from a can. By adding different berries, you can change up the salad from time to time. If your candida is particularly aggressive, you may have to forgo fruit completely. Wean yourself from fruit by slowly decreasing your fruit intake each day. Start by removing apples and berries from your diet. Next, limit your citrus consumption to a teaspoon of squeezed lemon or lime juice a day. If your candida is still aggressive, remove avocado from your diet.

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