How to Boost White Blood Cells


The white blood cells, or leukocytes, defend your body against foreign agents and disease-causing microorganisms, both in your blood and in your tissues. Your body makes white blood cells every day. It is important for you to boost your white blood cells in order to effectively and quickly eliminate an infection. By taking some natural supplements and herbs, you can successfully boost your immune system and increase white blood cell production.

Step 1

Consume echinacea in tablet form. This powerful herb contains a compound called echinacoside, which can strengthen your immune system and increase white blood cell production. The recommended dosage for echinacea tablets is one 500 mg capsule two to three times a week to help raise your white blood cell count.

Step 2

Take one 500 mg L-Theanine capsule daily. This potent amino acid can increase white blood cells in your body. It can also lessen then production of the hormone cortisol when you are feeling stress, which can weaken your immunity.

Step 3

Take one 500 mg astragalus herb tablet three times a week. This potent herb contains an immunoenhancing substance called flavonoids which can increase the production white blood cells.

Step 4

Take one wild indigo capsule once a day. Wild indigo plants contain the powerful substance tephroline which can strengthen your cardiovascular system and immune system while increasing white blood cell production.

Step 5

Consume garlic in supplement form every day. Garlic contains a powerful substance called allicin which can boost white blood cell production while flushing out disease causing microorganisms out of your system. Also add plenty of garlic to the foods you eat for added benefit. The recommended dosage of garlic in supplement form is one 500 mg tablet once a day.

Tips and Warnings

  • Consult your doctor before taking natural supplements to increase your white blood cell count.

Things You'll Need

  • Echinacea tablets
  • L-Theanine capsules
  • Astragalus capsules


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