Healthy Lunch or Dinner Recipes


We all need to eat in order to live. Eating nutritious foods is a cost-effective and delicious way to stay healthy. Best of all, eating healthy is not difficult. With a few simple steps, it is possible create uncomplicated recipes that will help you avoid illness and fuel your body very well.

Avoid Processed Foods

One of the foundations of any healthy recipe is the usage of foods in their natural state. In general, less processed foods contain more vitamins and fiber. For example, whole apples are more nutritious than applesauce or apple cider.


Many foods taste better and have more nutrition when served in season. Try to create recipes based on seasonally available ingredients. Take advantage of spring to make dishes that involve fresh fruit at the peak of flavor such as apricots and cherries.

Consider Organics

Organic products are grown to certain standards and contain fewer pesticides. In general, this makes them a healthier choice than their non-organic counterparts. If organic products stretch your budget too much, make sure you scrub any produce vigorously and cook meat to the appropriate temperature.

Lighter Meals

A hearty breakfast makes a great start to any day. As the day goes on, there is less chance to burn off calories. Think about creating lunch or dinner recipes that contain fewer calories to compensate. A green salad or soup will fill you up without feeling too heavy.


A healthy recipe can incorporate many different flavors and textures to help make eating fun. Add nuts to chicken for an unexpected crunch. Slip pear slices into salad. Try to vary colors so that a dish looks enticing to the eye.

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