Is White Rice a Diet Food?


White rice is a great addition to many dishes. Whether you prefer your white rice mixed into a dish or on the side, many stir fries, jambalayas, soups, stews and curries wouldn't turn out quite as well as they could without the addition of plain white rice. If you are interested in losing weight, you need to know whether white rice will help or hinder your pursuit.


White rice can be a diet food if the diet plan you are on advises the use of white rice. Some diets advocate the use of brown rice as a healthier option while others prohibit any white foods.

Nutritional Value

White rice is a great source of carbohydrates and is also low in fat.

Expert Insight

If you are enduring the effects of high blood pressure, increasing the amount of plain white rice in your diet can be one of the first steps to better health.


Some claim that brown rice is the healthier choice because it contains more nutrients than white rice, but many varieties of white rice are fortified in order to reintroduce nutrients that were lost in the process of production.

Expert Insight

For those interested in consuming fewer calories, eating smaller portions and losing weight, white rice is something to include in a healthful diet.


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