Healthy Meals That Taste Good


Most Americans know that eating healthy is the key to staying fit, looking good and feeling great, but few know how to incorporate healthy ingredients into a meal that tastes good. If you're looking to improve your health, or simply maintain your fitness, it is essential to prepare meals that are healthy and delicious. Pair lean protein sources, such as fish, boneless skinless chicken breast, beans, tofu and lean cuts of beef with fresh vegetables and add whole-wheat grain sources.

Cook With Salmon

Considered by many to be a super food, salmon is high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system, and should be consumed often. Although some find the fish to be too flavorful, the protein can be incorporated in a variety of meals that mask the strong taste. Consider using canned salmon to make salmon patties, which can be sauteed or grilled and served over vegetables. Salmon can also be coated in Asian marinades and sauces, including stir-fry and Teriyaki sauces, and served on a bed of brown rice, which is high in fiber. Both meals incorporate whole grains, vegetables and salmon, and are high in protein, fiber and nutrients while being low in sodium and fat.

Choose The Right Beef

Many consider beef to be a fatty meat, but certain cuts of the meat are low in fat and high in protein. If you enjoy beef, purchase beef flank, available at most grocery stores. Many recipes employ this lean cut of meat, but the beef is particularly good in stir-fries. Marinate your beef flank in lime juice, salt and pepper, then saute in a skillet and toss with sauteed broccoli, baby carrots, shucked corn, sweet onion and olive oil. Serve over a bed of brown rice, which is high in fiber and helps contribute to the six ounces of grains adults need daily. This meal is high in protein and iron, low in fat, and includes half of your daily requirements of vegetables.

Get Zesty With Your Chicken

Boneless skinless chicken breast is an incredibly lean source of protein, and can be used often to ensure a low-fat, healthy meal. Best of all, the meat is rather flavorless, and can be used as a base for zesty, flavorful meals. If you're cooking with boneless skinless chicken breast, consider cubing the meat and using in Asian stir-fries, or shred the chicken and use as a base for tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Chicken can also be sauteed or broiled and served atop fresh vegetables, including stir-fried vegetables or homemade salsas that include tomatoes, corn, peppers and beans.

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