How Much Fertilizer to Use in a Hydroponic System


Calculating how much fertilizer to use in a hydroponic system is no longer a worrisome piece of guesswork. Nutrient manufacturers have made the process easy. Even if you'd prefer to mix your own, it's not too hard to accomplish.


The concept of growing plants without soil goes back to the ancient Babylonians. The proper formulations for modern hydroponic fertilizers are still being tinkered with and perfected today, but the basics were understood by the 1930s.


Premixed, general-purpose nutrient formulations are available. Follow label directions and their online nutrient calculators for the proper concentration in your nutrient water. If you prefer to mix your own, various formulas have been published by many sources, including the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.


Modern premixed nutrient solutions and nutrient calculators have greatly simplified the process of figuring out how much fertilizer to use in any size of hydroponic system, saving you time, trouble and money.


  • Advanced Nutrients: Nutrient Calculator
  • General Hydroponics: FLORA SERIES™ CALCULATOR
  • Alabama Cooperative Extension: Hydroponics for Home Gardeners
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