Growing Conditions for the Flower Anthurium


Anthuriums are easily recognized by their flower, which consists of a waxy red spathe with a yellow spadix standing where the spath attaches to the stem. They are traditionally given as holiday gifts, but seldom last into the new year without the proper growing conditions.


Use a rich potting mixture that drains freely. Place a few clay shards in the bottom of the pot to help ensure that the roots don't sit in water. Anthuriums are sensitive to fertilizer chemicals, so repot them in fresh potting soil every two years to remove fertilizer salts from their environment.


Anthuriums need bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight burns the leaves, but the plants stop blooming if they don't get enough bright light.


Anthuriums need high humidity, but the soil should not be too wet. Allow the soil to become nearly dry before watering. Mist occasionally to temporarily raise the humidity around the plant. Cover the top of the soil with sphagnum moss to keep roots that come to the surface moist. Watering too often leads to root rot.


Anthuriums are sensitive to excessive fertilizer, and excessive nitrogen causes leaf burn. Choose a liquid fertilizer low in nitrogen and high in phosphorous.


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