Anthurium--Care & Feeding


Also known as flamingo lily, anthuriums are native to the tropics of America. These plants have long, dark green leaves and produce exotic, red, heart-shaped flowers commonly used in floral arrangements. Anthurium is grown as a houseplant throughout most of the United States.


Anthuriums require bright but indirect light. Place them near a south-or west-facing window. Insufficient light will cause your anthurium to stop flowering and the leaves to become distorted, according to Hawaii Tropicals.


Keep the soil of your Anthurium slightly moist but not wet. The soil should never be allowed to dry completely, yet too much moisture will cause the leaves to yellow and possibly damage roots. Never leave your anthurium in standing water.


A slow-release fertilizer will assure your anthurium gets the nutrition it needs to thrive. Feed your plant with a 3:1:2 ratio fertilizer at one-quarter strength every other month.


Anthurium tolerates a wide range of soils, says Anthurium Plants, but prefers an organic-rich soil.


Anthurium plants are poisonous. Ingesting this plant can cause stomach upset. Some have experienced skin irritation from touching the sap or other parts of the plant. Use caution around small children and pets. Wear gloves when handling this plant, recommends Anthurium Plants.


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