What Fruit Plants Can You Grow Indoors


Harvesting fresh fruit is possible when growing fruit plants indoors. Choosing the best type of indoor container plant and providing the proper growing conditions ensures a healthy plant. However, be aware that fruit trees in containers will not yield as much fruit as those grown outdoors.


Certain fruit plants grow well in containers and therefore can be grown indoors with good success. Some good types of fruit to grow indoors include avocadoes, calamondin oranges, key limes, kumquats, lemons, figs and strawberries.


Indoor fruit plants need the right conditions to thrive and produce well. Grow in well-draining soil and water consistently, allowing the top two inches of the soil to dry out in between watering. Provide plenty of light, keep the plants away from drafts and heating ducts and maintain the temperature at 65 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.


Select from various types of containers for growing indoor fruit plants. Any type will work including, plastic, clay, wood or ceramic. The container should be twice as large as the original container the plant was grown in and have adequate drainage holes to avoid root rot.


Growing fruit plants indoors works well for those gardeners who have insufficient garden space, poor soil or live in extremely cold climates. Indoor fruit plants also provide portability and year-round fresh fruit.


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