The Best Plants for a Quonset Greenhouse

Like outdoor gardens, greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Quonset-style greenhouses provide a larger amount of solar radiation to plants than attached greenhouses. Their freestanding design allows for an optimal amount of sunlight exposure, both in the summer months and the cooler seasons. Choose sun-loving plants to grow and harvest inside the confines of your Quonset greenhouse. This protected environment is also nice for sprouting tender plants destined for later transplantation into your outdoor garden.


A favorite of many gardeners, tomato plants require warm temperatures for germination and growth. These warm-season plants thrive in the sunny, temperate climate provided by a Quonset greenhouse. Use your greenhouse to sprout these plants about four to six weeks before you set them into your outside garden plot. Plant your tomato seeds in potting soil combined with compost and vermiculite. Plant the seeds according to package instructions and place on the floor beneath your worktable until sprouts appear. Then move your sprouted tomato plants to a sunny bench or table to ensure adequate amounts of sunlight and airflow. Harden your tomato plants off by taking the pots outside for a few hours each day prior to transplanting into garden soil.


Like tomato plants, avocados require plenty of sunlight, making them good selections for growing in your Quonset greenhouse. While these small trees make interesting houseplants, they often suffer from a lack of sunlight in many indoor settings. Start avocados in a container of water. This allows you to observe the early growth of the young roots. Evenly place three toothpicks into the sides of a pit to suspend it over the mouth of a glass jar. Fill the jar with water, submerging the bottom third of the pit. Place in a sunny area of your greenhouse. Replace the water as it evaporates to keep the level even. Transplant your avocados into potting soil after they reach 3 to 5 inches in height. Keep the soil slightly moist near the level of your avocado plants' roots.

Bell Peppers

Pepper plants thrive in sunny, warm climates, such as those simulated by your Quonset greenhouse. Growing peppers in your greenhouse environment allows you to harvest them at various stages of growth. This protected environment also minimizes the possibility of pests and diseases that can blemish the appearance of your fruits. Choose a variety of cultivars to enjoy a broad range of fruit shapes and colors. Encourage good airflow inside your greenhouse during the heat of summer to reduce a buildup of humidity that may damage these plants. Prop open a door or window in your greenhouse, or set up a fan to ensure adequate air circulation during hot, humid days.

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