Low-Growing Indoor Plants

You can choose from a wide variety of low-growing indoor plants or those that are best for dish gardens and terrariums. Do not try regular houseplants or ferns; they will take over a terrarium. You can choose creeping plants and/or ground covers for interior planters (especially a long one), plants for tropical terrariums, desert dish gardens or desert terrariums, or low-growing carnivorous plants such as the Sundew (Drosera), which definitely need a terrarium.


Creeping plants and groundcovers include Episcia, Creeping Fig, Climbing Fig, Silver Fittonia, Hahn's Star English Ivy, Hemigraphis, Pellionia, Heartleaf Philodendron, Creeping Artillery Plant, Strawberry Begonia, Devil's Ivy, Wandering Jew and Variegated Vinca.

Tropical terrariums

For tropical terrariums, you can choose from Chinese Evergreen, Miniature Begonias, Neanthe Bella (parlor palm), Dwarf Kangaroo Ivy, Arabian Coffee Plant, Dwarf Ti Plant, Dwarf Rose-Stripe Earth Star, False Aralia, Belgian Evergreen, Gold Dust Dracaena, Mistletoe Fig, Dwarf Creeping Fig, Mosaic Plant, Prayer Plant, Boston Fern, Watermelon Peporomia, Aluminum Plant, Miniature Pilea, Artillary Plant, Creeping Charlie, Brake or table ferns, Miniature African Violets, Club Moss (Moss Fern), Sweat Plant, Miniature Gloxinias and Arrowhead Vine (Nephthytis).

Desert dish gardens

There are a variety of cactus and other plants for a desert dish garden, including Calico Hearts (leopard spots), Medicine Plant, Bishop's Cap, Cylinder Cactus, Curiosity Plant, Jade Plant, Toy Cypress (watch chain), Rosary Vine, Painted Lady, Mexican Snowball, Hen and Chickens, Golden Barrel Cactus, Rainbow Cactus, Lace Cactus, Crested Euphorbia (frilled fan), Tiger Jaws, Miniature Gasteria (miniature ox tongue), Pearl Plant (wart plant) (Haworthia), Zebra Haworthia, Pearl Plant (Haworthia margaritifera), Living Stones, Powder Puff Cactus, Golden Star Cactus, Thimble Cactus, Dominoes (pincushion cactus), Bunny Ears, Dwarf Tee Oputia, Elephant Bush, Rainbow Bush, Scarlet Crown Cactus, Red Crown Cactus, Stonecrop, Golden Carpet (gold moss), Golden Sedum, Golden Glow, Carpet Sedum, Burro's Tail, Miniature Joshua Tree, Jelly Beans, Christmas Cheer and Coral Beads.

Desert terrariums

For a desert terrarium, try Anacampseros, Hawarthia, Mini Aloes, Gasterias, Sedums, Ledebouria, Portulaca, Mini Sanseviearias or Cynotis.

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