What to Grow in a Small Greenhouse


A small greenhouse has many advantages. Not only is it cheaper and easier to maintain, you can also grow most of the plants, vegetables and fruits that you would in a big greenhouse---just fewer of them.


A wide variety of vegetables can be grown in small greenhouses, including root crops such as carrots and turnips and leafy vegetables such as lettuce. Other popular choices include cucumbers, eggplants and pole beans. For optimal effects, look for specific varieties of seeds that might be more suitable for growing in a greenhouse.


While strawberries and tomatoes are the most common type of fruit to grow in a greenhouse, the more adventurous would find that growing peaches, nectarines, tangerines, lemons and even grapes is also possible.


Not only is growing herbs less fussy than growing vegetables or fruits, they are also handy things to have around for adding extra spice to your dishes. Herbs that can be grown in a greenhouse include chives, lavender and marjoram.


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