How to Change a Chia Pet's Hair


Chia Pets are decorative pieces, shaped like animals or the busts of famous persons and the hair is simply grass growing on the surface. The hair can be changed easily by removing the seeds that are attached to the surface and sticking new seeds on the pet. If watered properly, the new seeds will sprout in three to five days. In about one week, you will have a new layer of hair on your pet.

Step 1

Remove all hair from your Chia Pet and thoroughly clean the surface. The hair, which is actually sprouts of the salvia hispanica plant, is attached to the surface of the pet. The seeds stick to the grooves built into the pet's body and, consequently, the sprouts appear to come out of the pet's body like hair. To remove the existing seeds and sprouts, gently brush them away under running water. You can use any brush as long as its bristles are fine enough to get into the grooves and remove the seeds. Thoroughly rinse the Chia Pet with water when all the seeds are out.

Step 2

Soak the seeds. Add a quarter cup of water to two teaspoons of Chia seeds and stir the mixture after 15 minutes. Separately, soak the Chia planter. In 24 hours, both the seeds and the planter will be ready.

Step 3

Apply the seeds. The seeds will now be moist and sticky enough to actually stick into the grooves on the surface of the Chia planter. You can gently press them onto the surface with a spatula, plastic knife or your hands. Using your hands is the safest method as applying too much pressure with a spatula or knife can easily damage the tender seeds. If you do not want to mess up your fingers, try a disposable glove (although there is no soil in the mixture and you can wash away any residue quite easily). Work the seeds into the grooves and gently tilt the planter to see if the seeds are staying put. Let the loose seeds fall off and reapply them. Remember that the seeds will expand as they grow and fill the grooves. So if they are not falling off when the planter is gently tilted to either side, they are secure enough and you probably don't need to apply further pressure.

Step 4

Fill the Chia planter with water. Add fresh water daily to keep the planter full. The planter is made out of a porous material and some water will leak. So place a dish underneath and empty any water at the bottom regularly. The seeds will sprout in three to five days and you will have a new set of hair on your Chia Pet in about a week.

Things You'll Need

  • Chia pet
  • Medium hard brush
  • Chia seeds
  • Water


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