Why Is Hydroponics Good?


Hydroponic gardeners use a technique that allows them to grow plants without soil. Using mineral supplements in water, hydroponic horticulture offers some distinct advantages over growing plants in the traditional manner.


According to PlantCare.com, growing plants without soil allows them to grow 50 percent faster. Instead of expending energy extending roots looking for nutrients in soil, plants devote energy to growing, aided by the constant delivery of nutrients through hydroponics.


Through hydroponics, gardeners maintain full control of the availability of nutrients to the plants.


Plants that are grown hydroponically have smaller roots than normal plants. This means you will have more space to plant more.


Many pests and diseases that affect plants are soil-borne. When you move soil from the equation of growing plants, you are also cutting out these diseases.


According to PlantCare.com, hydroponics has the potential to help eradicate world hunger because it can produce larger yields of crops.


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