Red Wriggler Worm Diet


Red wriggler worms make perfect composting tools, cutting waste from the average household down to size and producing rich, organic matter in return, simultaneously continuing nature's cycle and reducing the amount of garbage in landfills. An optimum diet is required for the earthworms to create the best soil conditioner possible, most of which can be formed from your own daily diet.

Purina Worm Chow

Feeding Purina Worm Chow as a primary diet or supplement provides worms with a mixture of assorted grains, minerals and vitamins to ensure they become fatter and healthier.


Sandwich breads make for a great afternoon snack. Make sure to leave out any butter, mayonnaise or mustard.

Food Scraps

Worms can compost breakfast and lunch leftovers such as fruit and vegetable peels, pulverized egg shells and coffee grounds. If feeding bran or fruit muffins, be sure to leave out any chocolate or butter-cream frosting, as they interfere with digestion.

Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes make for a great alternative when there aren't any edible foods readily available for your worms. Make sure you soak and shred them before feeding.


Chopped-up garden waste, pasta, rice, cereal and hair make the perfect appetizers for your worms, reducing the waste by 25 percent in 60 days and producing worm castings, the richest fertilizer known. Avoid including any onions, garlic, citrus or seafood; they can harm the worms.

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