How to Build a Grow Box From Scratch


Constructing your own grow box gives you the opportunity to grow plants around your own schedule rather than strictly adhering to the seasons. With the help of a grow box you can begin the growing season early and extend it later. In the case of late fall vegetables such as pumpkins and assorted squash you can even extend the growing season well into winter.

Take Inventory and Plan

Step 1

Make a list of all the plants you plan on growing in your grow box. Include all the plants you will be adding throughout the season not just the ones you will start with initially.

Step 2

Determine the maximum growth size you will need to accommodate the plants on your list. If you plan on using the grow box throughout the entire lifecycle of your plants it is essential that you plan in advance for the size of fully grown plants.

Step 3

Determine the amount and size of the material you will need to complete this project based on the projected growth size of your plants . For instance, if you determined that a 2 foot wide by 4 foot long by 1 foot tall grow box would be ideal then you will need purchase 2 four foot long lengths of 1 foot tall wood and 2 two foot lengths of 1 foot tall wood. Similarly you will use this information to determine the size and the number of acrylic or plexiglass panels you'll use to construct the cover.

Construct the Box

Step 1

Assemble the wooden boards (standing up tall) at 90° angles into the shape of a square or rectangle depending on your chosen dimensions.

Step 2

Pre-drill holes through the boards with the electric drill where you will be inserting the screws. These holes will be at each corner of your box and allow you to set the boards at permanent right angles. Use multiple screws at each corner of the rectangle or square set approximately 4 inches apart. The number of screws you use will be determined by the height of your grow box.

Step 3

Secure the lid of your grow box by attaching hinges to the plexiglass or acrylic panels and the edge of your box. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when it comes time to attach hinges to plexiglass or acrylic.

Step 4

Plant your grow box and enjoy the extended season.

Tips and Warnings

  • Power tools can be dangerous. Always read and understand the manufactures directions before using.

Things You'll Need

  • Cedar planks
  • Acrylic or plexiglass sheet
  • Hinges
  • Wood screws
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver


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