The Best Way to Grow Herbs Indoors


Whether you are starting an indoor herb garden with nursery herbs or bringing your summer herbs in for the winter, many types will thrive inside under the right conditions. Their green leaves and fresh scents add charm to a home. Indoor herbs generally do not need more care than outdoor herbs, and they have the perk of being nearby for watering and using cuttings for cooking.

Step 1

Select pots with drainage holes in the bottom or a few inches of large rocks to allow excess water a place to go. The size of pot depends on the size of the herb plant, as herbs will grow to fill the space they have. In general, 4- to 8-inch pots are suitable for most indoor herbs.

Step 2

Fill the pots with a rich mixture of equal parts of potting soil, compost and perlite. Avoid bringing garden soil inside, as it can harbor pests and diseases, according to PlanTea.

Step 3

Remove each herb from the ground if it is a garden herb or its nursery pot if it was newly purchased. Plant each herb in its new pot, ensuring that the soil level is where it was before potting.

Step 4

Move herbs that have been growing outdoors to a shady location, such as a porch, for one week before moving them indoors. This will help them avoid the shock of being moved directly inside.

Step 5

Place the herbs on a bright south-facing windowsill or on a table or cart directly in front of a window, Organic Gardening recommends. If the plants do not get at least six hours of direct sunlight most days, you will need to install fluorescent lights about a foot above the herbs. Herbs such as bay, parsley, rosemary and thyme, however, require only four to five hours of direct sunlight in a dimmer window facing east or west.

Step 6

Water the herbs when the top of the soil feels dry.

Step 7

Allow your house to cool off during the night to simulate outdoor conditions and encourage healthy growth of your herbs.

Things You'll Need

  • Pots
  • Potting soil mix
  • Trowel


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