Ficus Plant Problems


Like most houseplants, a ficus tree is susceptible to a number of problems such as wilting, insect infestation and diseases like root rot. However, many of these troubles can be avoided if the plant is taken care of properly.


Several factors may cause a ficus tree to wilt, including improper watering, a buildup of salt or root rot. An overwatered ficus tree should be potted in new soil. If root rot is a possibility, the roots should be examined; if all roots are damaged, the plant will not survive.

Speckled Leaves

Spider mites will make leaves appear speckled. Since mites are not visible to the naked eye, an infestation can be verified by shaking a leaf over a piece of paper and checking to see if the specks are mobile. After verifying a spider mite problem, the leaves should be washed with soap and water.

Leaf Loss

Too much water is the most common cause of leaf loss. Dirt should be dry before water is added. Insufficient light and a change of environment can also lead to the shedding of leaves.


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