How Much Light Does a Ficus Plant Need?


Ficus plants are one of the best-known houseplants, according to the Ficus Plant website. Ficus are not difficult to care for, but certain things, like a proper amount of light, are required if you want your ficus plant to thrive.

Time Frame

According to North Dakota State University, ficus plants grow best on a 13-hour light schedule. During the summer, you may want to put your plants outside so they can get more sunlight.


There are a few telltale symptoms if your ficus plant is not getting an adequate amount of sunlight. Key signs of inadequate light are sparseness of leaves and leaf drop.


According to North Dakota State University, investing in plant lights can help your ficus thrive during the dark winter months. These lights are inexpensive, and you can use a timer to have them shut off after 13 hours of light.


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