Can Plants Warm the Air in a House?


Indoor plants do not give off heat, so they cannot keep you warm. This is another reason why most plants so not survive harsh winters. However, they do have other benefits. They purify the air, they brighten up a room and can help fight a cold.

Purify the Air

Indoor plants humidify and add oxygen back into the air after removing toxins. That means they purify the air we breathe. Clean air relieves stress and improves health.

Use for Barriers

You can use indoor plants to hide imperfections on the floor or wall. You can also use larger plants as barriers between two areas. They also reduce light reflection and help reduce noise absorption.

Healing Plants

Some plants can help heal your wounds. You can use an aloe plant for cuts and scraps. You can use a mint plant for tea for sore throats. Some give off a relaxing fragrance, such as lavender.


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