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Most people love plants. In general, plants require very little care and attention. Give them water, sunlight and an occasional bite of plant food and most plants will flourish on their own. In addition to growing to be physically beautiful, plants provide oxygen and clean contaminants out of the air. According to, NASA found that many houseplants clean chemicals out of the air.


There are many places to purchase plants, but nurseries are the most popular place to purchase plants that are groomed to last for many years. Nursery plant technology has become a new and growing field over the past few years.

Greater Efficiency

Many nurseries employ different technological gadgets and machines to help the planting, cultivating and pruning processes to be more standardized. Using certain technologies, like backpack fertilizers, creates increased efficiency in many nurseries. An backpack fertilizer is a device that sits on a gardener's back, like a backpack, and dispenses fertilizer into plants with a long hose. The gardener sprays the plants with the hose, eliminating the need to bend over and spray them by hand.

Employee Morale

According to Mississippi State's Landmarks Newsletter, employee morale is also boosted through the use of new nursery technologies. Instead of the constant bending and lifting, many of the machines make it easier to care for several hundred plants at one time, rather than just a few by hand. New nursery technologies like automatic greenhouse water sprayers make it easier for staff to water all the plants in one area, at once. According to Ohio State University, greenhouses with retractable roofs made employees' jobs easier. Wind and light conditions improved, as did humidity and temperature, without manual adjustments.


Some plant nurseries and greenhouses are learning that a solar-powered greenhouse can create enough energy to sustain itself. According to the International Society for Horticultural Science, greenhouses usually require and consume high amounts of energy. Being made of mostly glass, greenhouses and plant nurseries need sun for plants to grow, but new technologies may help them use sunlight for power. Emerging technologies like geometrically designed, flexible plastics that allow light transference and special coatings for the standard glass used in greenhouse structures should push more greenhouses into solar-powered operations. Nurseries will pay more up front for installation of solar panels, but greenhouses will save money and energy in the long run.


New nursery technology has the potential to create a wave of growth in horticulture in this country. As nurseries adopt new technologies, they will save time and resources and be able to grow more plants.

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