The Best Ways to Sprout Chia Seeds

Familiar in America due to the novelty Chia Pet products, Chia seeds are in fact a nutritious food that grows quickly into micro-greens. Because they become slippery when they come into contact with water, however, there are definitely easier, more convenient, and overall better ways to approach sprouting them at home.

Choosing a Disposable Medium

Chia seeds are very mucilaginous, which means that they absorb water rapidly and become moist and slippery, often too slippery to handle. For this reason, the best way to sprout Chia seeds is on a disposable medium, one that won't be too difficult to clean once the seeds become slippery. Soil is obviously easy to dispose of, but a simple tray or hemp bag will also work. It's best to avoid sprout boxes.

Moisten Thoroughly

Because Chia seeds absorb a great deal of water, the best way to sprout them is to moisten the disposable medium thoroughly, so that it's damp but not soggy. Without enough water, growth won't happen quickly, if it happens at all. It's also best to protect counter surfaces from this excess water by placing a plate or tray beneath the growing medium so that all excess water flows into a receptacle.

Spread Seeds Sparsely

When growing Chia seeds for the first time, planters should spread the seeds far apart so that it's easy to observe their growing habits and requirements, such as how much space they need and how quickly they shed their hulls. These observations will give planters a good idea of how many seeds to plant and when to move them from darkness into sunlight, which is most beneficial to the plant when the hulls are gone.

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